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IRTC delivers unique customer-focused solutions for the US DoD and its Allies of over 1,100 Rough Terrain Container Handlers (RTCH) as well as to growing numbers of commercial customers.

Our ambition is to be the RTCH provider of choice for US DoD, Allied Partners and a growing number of Commercial Customers by providing equipment revitalization, manufacturing, supply chain management, innovative modernization, technical & training support.  

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IRTC Products

RT290 Frac Sand Logistics

RT290 Frac Sand Logistics

Independent Rough Terrain Center designed the RT290 for a specific customer application –  to deliver containerized sand logistics to the fracing industry. The RT290 can lift 65,000lbs and provide load security through the use of ISO twist locks. The RT290 is proven onsite with the SandCan system and is currently in production and in the field.

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RT240 The RTCH Rough Terrain Container Handler

RT240 The RTCH Rough Terrain Container Handler

Fielded in 2001, the RT240 RTCH is the world standard for military heavy logistics. With over 1,300 manufactured, the RT240 is in service with 6 armies worldwide. The RT240 RTCH is tranportable by land, air and sea with no disassembly and can operate in remote environments, in virtually any terrain, in extreme weather and in up to 5 feet of water. The RT240 is built to work in the harshest conditions while safely handling up to 53,000 pounds.

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RT250 Rough Terrain Container Handler

RT250 Rough Terrain Container Handler

The RT250 RTCH is designed for heavy lift in tough environments. Mainly an ISO container handler, the RT250 is capable of handling fork and sling loads up to 56,000lbs. The RT250 RTCH is transportable without height permits and is ready to work on site 15 minutes after arrival.

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