Over 25 years of providing the best to conquer every environment and terrain.

RT-BUILT means made for life

made with every detail in mind for ease, performance and comfort

The decades of experience, knowledge, and commitment of our staff to creating exceptional machines that can withstand any environment are fundamental elements of our RT-Built process. Customizable solutions available upon request.




exceptional mobility, high throughput, and operator safety systems.

The unparalleled design, low ground pressure, and year-round performance of the RT240 ensure smooth operation no matter the conditions.

built with every attention to detail for maximum performance.

A Pioneer In Rough-Terrain Heavy Logistics

The heart of our proven manufacturing process is a team of seasoned engineers from all over the world that have come together to create greatness.

Our engineers have decades of experience in the mobile equipment industry, and their expertise resonates through the RT-Built process. These engineers, adorned with experience honed in the depths of global companies, bring their wealth of design expertise to every part of the manufacturing process.