IRTC Development Center

The future of rough terrain logistics is here.


IRTC is developing new technologies that will continue to help improve the efficiency and safety of rough terrain logistics

RTCH Hybrid Electric Prototyping

The IRTC Development Center is pioneering new technologies that will help improve the efficiency and safety of rough terrain logistics for today’s operators. With dedicated in-house engineering staff, we are innovating in areas such as robotics and sustainability to make the RT240 even more versatile.

In partnership with John Deere, we are developing sustainable solutions for rough terrain logistics, such as a hybrid electric drivetrain in the RT240 system that will:

RTCH Robotic Prototyping

In partnership with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the National Robotics and Engineering Center (NREC), we are advancing the use of robotic technology in expeditionary containerized logistics by developing a Modular Automation Package (MAP). Included in this research are features such as configurable sensors, computers, a user interface, network-enabled data transmission, and remote command and tasking capabilities focused in areas such as:


A Pioneer In Rough-Terrain Heavy Logistics

The heart of our proven manufacturing process is a team of seasoned engineers from all over the world that have come together to create greatness.

Our engineers have decades of experience in the mobile equipment industry, and their expertise resonates through the RT-Built process. These engineers, adorned with experience honed in the depths of global companies, bring their wealth of design expertise to every part of the manufacturing process.