Welcome to our IRTC Refurbished Line, Where We Inspect and/or Rebuild Every Part and Component For Maximum Quality and Performance.

i-Certified reburbished Equipment

Craftsmanship Beyond Repurposing

We don’t just refurbish, we elevate. Our team meticulously rebuilds each piece of equipment with an unwavering focus on quality. From diagnosis, disassembly, repair, improved technology integration to reassembly, each machine undergoes a rigorous process. We ensure that every component meets our stringent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards before it reaches you.

move without limits

Proven Performance in the Toughest Conditions

Master rough terrain logistics with the Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH), built for exceptional mobility, high throughput, and operator safety. Its unmatched mobility, low ground pressure, and year-round performance ensure smooth operation no matter the conditions. Easily transportable by air, road, rail and sea, this workhorse is ready for any logistical challenge. Experience the ultimate in container handling with the one-of-a-kind Rough Terrain Container Handler.

Key Features

High Capacity
56,000 lb (25,454 kg) capacity for 20' to 40' ISO containers
7-degree pile slope and 12-degree tilt capability
Reach and Lift Height
Impressive max lift height of 33' 8" (10,300 mm) and max reach of 20' 7" (6,273 mm)
4-wheel drive, 4-wheel / 2-wheel / crab steering, and a 32.6' turning radius
Powerful Cummins diesel engine, and top travel speed of 23/15 mph (37 km/h, 24 km/h) EMPTY/LOADED
Water Crossing
Fording depth of 5' (1,524 mm)

I-Certified Process

Proven Process for the highest quality refurbished equipment

Our approach is not just about function; it’s about form and finesse. Every part, every screw, is scrutinized and refined to deliver performance that surpasses expectations. Our IRTC Refurbished Line ensures top-notch functionality. Our refurbishing process minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency without compromising on quality or performance.

our dedication to excellence drives every aspect of our refurbishing process. Elevate your expectations with our IRTC Refurbished Line – where quality isn’t just a promise, it's our standard.

masterfully refurbished in the heart of texas


A Pioneer In Rough-Terrain Heavy Logistics

The heart of our proven manufacturing process is a team of seasoned engineers from all over the world that have come together to create greatness.

Our engineers have decades of experience in the mobile equipment industry, and their expertise resonates through the RT-Built process. These engineers, adorned with experience honed in the depths of global companies, bring their wealth of design expertise to every part of the manufacturing process.