Port Operations

With resources continually being discovered in remote and isolated locations, sophisticated ports aren’t always in place when you need them. The RT240 has the capability to drive right off the ramp of a boat onto land. It can overcome unstable conditions caused by tides. The RT240 is also a necessary vehicle to have in your fleet for established ports for emergency relief.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is recognizing the benefit of containerization of sand and other supplies for well sites. With the energy industry becoming more inter-modal and more remote, the RT240 is a necessary machine to stay agile in this booming industry. The RT240 can transload sand containers, creating sand storage anywhere, no matter how tough the terrain.

Heavy Construction Sites

No ground conditions are more challenging than heavy construction sites. The RT240 with its attachments can supplement, and even replace multiple pieces of equipment on a job site. In turn, training and transporting costs are reduced. The RT240 is capable of supporting multiple operations because of the ability to haul supplies wherever the need exists. A machine built to operate in rough terrain means less machine damage and more up-time for your operations.

Lay Down Yards

The containerisation of freight has completely revolutionized shipping worldwide and allowed for more efficient trade. Lay down yards can now be erected anywhere, without regard to ground preparation. Movement of inventory can be completed more efficiently and the twist lock system ensures higher grades of safety when stacking multiple containers.

Railroad Intermodal

The IRTC RTCH has the ability to handle ISO containers from unimproved railroad sidings, providing an INTERMODAL capability beyond fixed inland ports or railroad terminals.


Mining sites previously needed extensive preparation to bring in traditional equipment, but with the RT240 less prep work needs to be completed and jobs can be started sooner. The RT240 does not require paved surfaces and can jump start operation at a mining site.

IRTC Products

RT290 Frac Sand Logistics

RT290 Frac Sand Logistics

Independent Rough Terrain Center designed the RT290 for a specific customer application –  to deliver containerized sand logistics to the fracing industry. The RT290 can lift 65,000lbs and provide load security through the use of ISO twist locks. The RT290 is proven onsite with the SandCan system and is currently in production and in the field.

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RT240 The RTCH Rough Terrain Container Handler

RT240 The RTCH Rough Terrain Container Handler

Fielded in 2001, the RT240 RTCH is the world standard for military heavy logistics. With over 1,300 manufactured, the RT240 is in service with 6 armies worldwide. The RT240 RTCH is tranportable by land, air and sea with no disassembly and can operate in remote environments, in virtually any terrain, in extreme weather and in up to 5 feet of water. The RT240 is built to work in the harshest conditions while safely handling up to 53,000 pounds.

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RT250 Rough Terrain Container Handler

RT250 Rough Terrain Container Handler

The RT250 RTCH is designed for heavy lift in tough environments. Mainly an ISO container handler, the RT250 is capable of handling fork and sling loads up to 56,000lbs. The RT250 RTCH is transportable without height permits and is ready to work on site 15 minutes after arrival.

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